The special substance for processing different fabrics and building materials “FUKAM”. Using this substance you can protect your materials from being ignited under the action of open flame.


Registered trade mark “FUKAM”.


The purpose of this project:


Provide an opportunity without serious reorganizations of manufacture, minimum  of expenses and without changing practical purposes – make all fabrics and another materials, especially which were made from wood, be protected and not ignited under the action of open flame; and not to be a source of spreading an open flame under the action of thermal affect.


The problem today:


Most of all fabric manufactures today based as on natural materials (cotton, wood, flax, and cellulose wood, silk) and on chemical fibres (kapron, lavsan, polyacryle, etc.). There are two types of fabrics, depends of purpose – household fabrics and technical. All of them are subject to burn.


Most of the times burning is going with strong flame, which moves fast enough on a fabrics’ surface and makes front of fire. There’s the same situation with building materials. For example, with synthetic cotton wool, which are used for sound-or-heat isolation, with linoleum, wooden products, synthetic glues and varnishes. Basically, all this materials can be considered as main elements of contemporary building.


This problem is trying to be solved for a long time. The most effective and widely used method consists in adding inorganic additives into chemical fibre, which interfere with ignition of fabric and other materials. It’s one of the most effective ways and usually used, working with technical fibres.


However, this leads to deterioration of physicomechanical properties of a fabric, loss of consumer properties and also leads to number of inconveniences, as at fires, such substances can allocate poisonous substance.


Another approach is based on processing fabrics by special solutions, which create a protective surface on a material , due to additives adsorbed on its surface and interfering burning. Here is very important compability of additives with fabrics and preservation of necessary properties during long term. Also, it’s necessary to remember about mechanical removal of material and that you need to process products  repeatedly in addition and it’s not always possible and economically expediently.





As a result of carrying out of research the concept of chemical structure has been developed.


It’s realized as a special substance, which is applied as a water solution to process fabrics, wooden materials and materials of different assignment in a room temperature. It’s also includes process of drying in simple conditions.


Such processing gives to materials property not to be ignited under the action of open flame. Also, being for a long time in a zone of burning, such materials have ability not to create and open flame. In this case, we have just local destruction of material in a certain place.


Thus, there are no conditions for spreading open fire on the other sites and we have good conditions for safe operation and exploitation products from fabrics and wooden materials for construction.


Main sphere of  using:


        Main use of a new solution is directed on processing wood and wooden materials.


Also, it can be used to process technical fabrics used in the chemical, oil and gas industry, for processing overalls of the workers who are working at a factory with use of an open flame. For processing internal interiors of cars, military technics, planes giving to it ability not to be ignited.